Apprenticeships and Graduates

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At Bethell, we are always on the lookout for new talent and our apprentice programmes are custom-built each year to “grow our own” talent for the future. There’s plenty of knowledge that you’ll learn on the job (that you could never learn from a book) and our experts are keen to share their knowledge with you. These schemes are specifically designed to give you all the experience and training you need to achieve your key end roles and you will be guided by a mentor, an assessor and your line manager.

If you share our passion for the future and you want to get started on your career immediately, you could be part of our multi-talented line-up.

Four utility apprentices in front of a Bethell van

Want to explore what a career in civil engineering or utilities looks like?

Our Interactive Apprentice Worksite gives you a snapshot into life at Bethell, with interactive content and a view of the different careers available in civil engineering and utilities, qualifications required and salary estimates. We developed this site to give those new to the industry an idea of what opportunities are available and what steps they can take to move into their career.

Am I eligible?

Our eligibility criteria will vary depending on the level and type of Apprenticeship and we will always highlight the relevant criteria t you as part of the application process.

When can I apply?

Typically applications open up annually in Spring for a Summer start, however other types of apprenticeships may become available throughout the year.

How do I find out more?

If you would like to find out more please click here to see our current apprenticeship vacancies, alternatively, you can email your CV and cover letter to and let us know what type of opportunity you are looking for.

Where can your early career journey take you?

We spoke to our Transport Manager Jacob, who began his career within Bethell in a traineeship.

Tell us a bit about the role you play within the business, the projects you work on and the type of work you undertake on a daily basis…

As Transport Manager here at Bethell, my main responsibility is ensuring our fleet of HGVs, vehicles and plant are road and site ready, maintained and serviced regularly and carrying out safety inspections every 6 weeks. As part of my role, I monitor and track our fleet day-to-day, ensuring our drivers get to where they’re going safely and are complying with EU driver laws & regulations.

What development opportunities have you been given in your role?

I began my Bethell journey working as a plant, procurement & transport assistant in an entry-level traineeship, and once the business started to expand, my focus became singularly on transport. As part of my change in role, I began studying for my CIPS (The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) certification, to help expand my skillset and expertise. I continued to develop under the mentorship of several Managers within the company, who helped equip me with the skills and knowledge I needed for my day-to-day job. Under their guidance, I decided to study to become a CPC-certified Transport Manager, which I have recently qualified for. This would not have been possible without Bethell providing the necessary dedicated study time to study and take my exam.

How has Bethell played a role in your long term career goals?

Through the guidance of my mentors, I’ve been able to shape my understanding of the business and get the right support to develop my own career path. I’ve been pushed, with the right support and resources, to consider and explore opportunities that I would not have thought were available before, and on reflection, the progression I’ve seen in myself since I started has been unreal. The benefit of working at Bethell is I can always see room for growth, especially with the recent creation of the Bethell Plant Services business, I appreciate the potential to expand and grow my role.

What has been your highlight working at Bethell so far?

When I passed my CPC qualification, it felt like such a massive achievement, after all the weeks of studying and preparation I’d put into getting ready for the final exam.

Don’t just take our word for it…

We also caught up with Connah, one of our graduate Quantity Surveyors, to discuss his experience studying for his degree whilst working on the job.

Tell us a bit about the role you play within the business, the projects you work on and the type of work you undertake on a daily basis

As a Graduate Quantity Surveyor, my focus is on our United Utilities jobs within our construction business. My day-to-day responsibilities range from producing subcontract & variation orders, obtaining quotes for work, and producing final accounts for completed works.

What development opportunities have you been given in your role?

Originally, I started my career journey in Bethell as an apprentice groundworker. After seeing a careers advisor at the college where I was studying for my apprenticeship, I then went on to progress to obtaining my HNC through an APEL interview at the university. Once I completed that qualification, I was then able to access a degree course in quantity surveying. Within Bethell, I’ve benefitted from the teaching and guidance provided by our commercial manager team, and our commercial director ensures that all quantity surveyors, including myself, attend regular CECA webinars. These allow me to keep up to date on the vital knowledge required in the commercial department, as well as gaining new knowledge, which I feel has made me a better quantity surveyor.

How has Bethell played a role in your long-term career goals?

Bethell has helped massively regarding helping me realise my long-term career goals, as they have supported me in my pursuit of a degree whilst also allowing me to benefit from learning on the job. The company has enabled me to study whilst working on-site, by providing paid time off for me to study at university. During my time studying for my degree, I would spend 2 days of the week at university, with Bethell helping make up the hours I was off studying. The flexibility that Bethell allowed has helped me dedicate my focus to work whilst simultaneously gaining my degree, without resorting to getting an evening job, which would’ve caused burnout and may have caused my grades to suffer too.

What has been your highlight working at Bethell so far?

The biggest highlight of working at Bethell is the people you meet. Both out on-site and in the office, you come across good people with good intentions, who help you evolve.

We pay above the minimum rate and as members of the 5% Club, we are committed to supporting and investing in early career development.