2CC Highway Reinstatement

Manchester’s Second City Crossing (2CC) provided an additional ¾ mile length of dual tram track to link Victoria Station with the existing tram lines in St Peters Square. This essential link through some of the city’s busiest streets doubled the capacity for Metrolink trams to travel through the City centre.

Once the new track infrastructure was installed, Bethell were entrusted with the task of reinstating some of the City’s most famous streets along the whole length of the new route. Our in-house surfacing division reconstructed the roadway from kerb-to-kerb, a task made difficult due to the lines of track in between.

Our surfacing gangs undertook the work in dozens of separate visits over a period of twelve months once each section of track was completed and much of the work was done at night to keep disruption to a minimum. Over 5000 tonnes of material was laid comprising of 7000 square metres of Stone Mastic Asphalt surface course and underlying bituminous road construction.