Cross Street Culvert, Darwen

This challenging scheme involved demolishing the existing reinforced concrete bridge which carried Cross Street above the River Darwen whilst still maintaining the natural flows of the river. 

The existing 100 year old structure was 30 metres in length and was assessed as sub-standard for modern traffic loadings and a replacement structure comprising of 1.20m high x 5.0m span precast concrete culvert sections was proposed. Due to the natural meandering of the river, a section of the replacement structure was cast insitu to accommodate the bend in the watercourse. 

The scheme involved considerable temporary works to support excavations below the road and also support statutory services within the footpaths on Cross Street. 

Environmental management of the watercourse was required to maintain flows and allow fish divert around the works and this was achieved through a combination of fluming and overpumping the river Darwen through the 50 metre long construction site. 

Additional works included in-situ concrete training walls, masonry cladding and masonry parapets, new vehicular restraint barriers and reinstatement of the highway.