Oldham Retaining Walls

The fourteen schemes varied in value from approximately £150k each to over £1.5m. Two of the schemes, each over £1.0m in value, were undertaken on a design and construct basis with a guaranteed maximum price.

All of the schemes involved the replacement of failed masonry walls adjacent to the public highway with retained heights exceeding 5.0m and individual reconstructed lengths of over 0.5km. Although the existing walls were built using traditional methods, the remedial solutions involved the latest technologies such as contiguous piling, precast wall units, soil nailing and in-situ reinforced concrete works.

All projects were re-clad in reclaimed masonry to give the appearance of dry stone walling which was especially important due to many of the walls being located in natural beauty spots and conservation areas. Bethell were awarded a prestigious Green Apple award for their work on this scheme due to the high percentage of recycled materials and the low impact on the construction works on the surrounding environment.