River Calder Intake Modifications

Following a review by the Environment Agency, additional measures were needed to ensure that the amount of extracted water was limited to protect wildlife downstream of the intake station.

The solution was to install a stainless steel Coanda screen fixed to a new reinforced concrete structure and also construct a reinforced concrete inlet channel which would connect to a future eel and elver pass, to be fitted by others post-contract.

The Coanda screen would limit the amount of water diverted to the intake, further limitation works included the fitting of 25mm thick HDPE sheets to the existing intake screens to ensure that all of the flows to the intake went via the new screen.

Other works included providing temporary access to the environmentally-sensitive site, installing temporary dams for overpumping and flumes for fish passage, clearance of accumulated debris from the weir bed and repositioning of an existing galvanised steel footbridge.