Widnes Warth Walkway

The tidal banks of the River Mersey at Widnes are renowned for attracting migrating birds from around the world and this location was chosen to site a new nature boardwalk to enable the public to get a closer look at the wildlife.

The structure consists of a 2.5metre wide x 100 metre long steel boardwalk and a 20 metre long jetty platform supported off concrete pad foundations. The whole structure is coated in anti-corrosion epoxy paint and anti-slip surfacing on the deck.

The remote location of the site caused logistical problems as all materials, including over 60 tonnes of structural steel, had to be transported two kilometres from the nearest public highway. Further challenges were posed by high tides and construction works needed to be planned accordingly.

Protection of wildlife was paramount and the project was continually monitored by local wildlife groups to ensure that no damage was caused to this sensitive environment.

The scheme was completed with laying of gravel footpaths to link to the nearby Trans Pennine Trail and the erection of a public art installation that echoes the form of the distant Widnes–Runcorn Bridge.