Bethell Group finishes the final stages of its head office expansion!

Bethell Group is pleased to announce that all stages of its head office expansion in its Kearsley headquarters have now been completed.

The first phase of Bethell’s office expansion facilitated a refresh of the Dane House headquarters to meet the changing needs and demands of the Group’s growing workforce. This included a visual refresh, with updated Bethell livery adorning the building, a new reception space to welcome visitors and new meeting rooms equipped with high-specification video conferencing facilities. In addition, and in line with Bethell’s green agenda, employees and visitors can now benefit from the installation of dedicated electric vehicle charging bays in the head office car park.

Secondly, the growth of Bethell’s Utility Services business required the development of a brand-new dedicated workspace on the same site to future-proof the accommodation requirements for our 10-year growth plan. A modular building solution was chosen due to its cost-effectiveness and only requiring three months to construct. This new annex building features an open office floor plan, toilets, canteens, and modern meeting room facilities. The construction processes allowed a reduced carbon output by reusing steel frames, helping Bethell commit to its carbon reduction targets. The modular annex is also equipped with many CO2-friendly features, such as ceiling-mounted air conditioning, eco-friendly taps, PIR lighting and UPVC double-glazed windows.

The third stage was to improve the detached office building opposite the main reception to accommodate the growth of the Bethell Construction business to create a modern, dedicated workspace. The building exterior was given an updated new look, rich with Bethell’s core values and safety messaging. The new Construction House building is equipped with two brand-new meeting rooms, video conferencing facilities, and two meeting booths for quicker, less formal, catchups. The refurbishment was completed with the installation of vibrant and practical kitchen and dining facilities on the ground floor.

Finally, Bethell acquired 5,000 square feet of office space and 7,500 square feet of workshop space adjacent to its existing premises. Our Unit 3 building has been totally renovated to house Bethell’s internal plant and transport business operations. These works have seen improvements to the works yard, creating a refreshed open layout with a new one-way system for safer travel, and new automatic security gates to ensure the safety of Bethell staff working at the site.