A666 St Peters Way, Phases 1, 2 & 5

Bethell have been providing Highway Surfacing services to Bolton MBC continuously since 1998. The current Framework period is 2014-2018 and we were successful in securing the scheme via a mini- competition for three phases (of six).

The A666 is a busy dual carriageway providing a crucial link between the M60/M61 and Bolton Town Centre. Accordingly, all the works had to be carried out during overnight closures of the highway.

The principal quantities involved were as follows:

  • Plane out 100mm thickness of existing carriageway and replace with 55mm HDM50 Binder course (40,600 m2) and 45mm thickness of HRA Surface course (42,300m2)
  • Replace and set to level over 300 road gullies and manholes installation of new road markings, cats eyes etc, over 100m of transverse 4-way ducting across the carriageway for future lighting installation.