Mosedale Beck Viaduct

Since 2013, National Highways has cared for 3,100 historic railway structures throughout England, Wales, and Scotland, forming a modest, but important part of the UK’s wider heritage railways estate. Collectively known as Historical Railways Estate (HRE), they are important reminders of our industrial past, with some structures dating back to the 19th Century.

Mosedale Beck Viaduct is a historical 12-arch stone viaduct in the Lake District, which is 130m in length, first serving as a rail bridge and later being repurposed as a public footpath. The viaduct originally contained a single track but was extended in 1900 to accommodate a second track.

As one of National Highways’ key delivery partners, Bethell was appointed to carry out de-vegetation works across the whole viaduct. This included the removal of sapling growth which, if left unmanaged, could risk causing structural damage.

In addition, some bricks were refaced and treated to prevent future growth. On the south elevation of the viaduct, our team identified a loose corbel that required replacing to maintain the structural integrity of the surrounding brickwork. Finally, we cleared the bottom of the piers of any remaining vegetation.

Ecology surveys were conducted in advance to ensure our works didn't have any impact on local wildlife or the surrounding environment. Throughout the process, Bethell liaised with local landholders to manage access and alleviate any potential disruption to local business caused by the works.