Celebrating Historical Railways Estate’s 10-year anniversary!

Since 2013, National Highways has cared for over 3,000 former railway structures throughout England, Wales, and Scotland, forming a modest, but important part of the UK’s wider heritage railways estate.

Collectively known as Historical Railways Estate (HRE), they are important reminders of our country’s industrial past, with some structures dating back to the 19th Century.

As one of National Highways key delivery partners, our work with the HRE team ensures that future generations can enjoy their many local railway structures, bridges and green spaces for years to come. In line with National Highways’ safety values, at Bethell, our “Work Safe Home Safe” ethos ensures not only the safety of our site team and colleagues but also the public who come in contact with structures – a top priority for us.

Bethell was first appointed to the HRE framework in January 2020, where we have worked to repair and preserve bridges, tunnels and viaducts across the North of England since. Together with National Highways, we have worked on over 50 structures so far.

George Brockbank, Contracts Manager at Bethell Construction, commented on the success of the partnership, saying: “The team support us to deliver repair and maintenance schemes safely, while always minimising impact to the surrounding environment. The work is rewarding when you uncover and restore some of these structures to their former glory!”

The work is rewarding when you uncover and restore some of these structures to their former glory!

George Brockbank, Contracts Manager, Bethell Construction

Recently, Bethell has finished works at Mosedale Beck Viaduct, one of the Lake District’s most visually stunning historic railway assets, undertaking de-vegetation and fencing works to preserve the viaduct and ensure it can continue serving the needs of the local community for years to come.

Congratulations to the Historic Railways Estate team on 10 years of service to the community, and we look forward to continuing to partner with HRE in the near future.