Bethell deploys 2 no. electric pickup vehicles at Lancashire pipeline project!

Sustainability is one of our key core values at Bethell, which means that we are always looking to implement new initiatives to reduce our organisation’s carbon emissions, ensuring we work responsibly and safeguard our planet for generations to come.

In line with our commitments to become a net-zero organisation by 2050, we are pleased to announce that Bethell has taken delivery of two brand-new Maxus T90 4×4 EV pickup trucks, which have been deployed at a 4km pipeline project in Lancashire.

In 2022, the Company invested in our first electric vehicles and has continued to expand year-on-year since.

At our Bethell head office, we’re proud to offer our staff and visitors access to quick and convenient EV charging facilities to promote the transition to electric and offer enhanced car allowances for all staff looking to switch to electric.

We look forward to sharing further updates on our ongoing journey to net zero!